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The Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association (MPMA) is the leading voice for the precision manufacturing industry in our state. We are committed to promoting manufacturing as the backbone of the state's economy and working with our members, industry partners, and policy makers to solve the challenges facing our industry - at both the state and national level.

Today, we continue to seek new ways to accomplish and refine our mission for the benefit of our members and our industry.

We are dedicated to drive success in Minnesota precision manufacturing by strengthening the skilled workforce by:

  • Taking an active role in legislative changes that impact manufacturers and to have a positive impact on the image and importance of manufacturing
  • Career pathways - engaging young people and influencing the image of Minnesota manufacturing.
  • By improving business for our members by being a resource for workforce training

MPMA is 300+ member companies strong, consisting of:

  • Precision and advanced manufacturing companies
  • Associate member companies who support areas such as steel, industrial supply, machine tool dealers, heat treaters, platers, etc.
  • Affiliate member companies who provide financial, banking, insurance, professional development, and consultant services
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

As we continue to serve the precision manufacturing industry in Minnesota, MPMA invites you to become an active member. Help us create growth and success for our association and the manufacturing industry in Minnesota.


Our Mission:

To Drive Success in Precision Manufacturing by Strengthening the Skilled Workforce

Workforce development is the foundation of MPMA's Strategic Plan. The following are the three strategic pillars of the MPMA:

  • Advocacy and Government Relations
    To be the leading voice for Minnesota’s precision manufacturing industry, through our advocacy, to strengthen the skilled workforce.

  • Career Pathways and Opportunities
    To develop and coordinate integrated and progressive pathway activities within manufacturing for parents, students, and educators from elementary school to post high school.

  • Workforce Training (Incumbent Skills)
    Provide training support for the skilled workers, emerging leaders, and owners of MPMA member companies.

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Our Team

The MPMA team is a dedicated group of individuals devoted to the success of the organization and supporting our members.


To see a list of members, please visit our membership directory. Committees within the MPMA meet regularly to discuss challenges faced as leaders.

Membership Committee

There is a reason MPMA still has original member companies that have been around for over 65 years!  People trust the MPMA community and find value from it. The membership committee is simply a group of dedicated and passionate members who want to share that message. We welcome new members, engage with them and help members understand the value they can get out of MPMA.

Advocacy & Government Relations

This committee is responsible for monitoring legislative activities that impact members and notifying members through legislative updates. Members of this committee understand the advocacy needs of MPMA members to ascertain the major external and internal challenges facing manufacturers.


The Communications Committee of the MPMA is made of members who volunteer their time to help guide overall communications initiatives for the association:

  • Publications – Precision Manufacturing Journal - published 6 times per year - the only authorized publication of the MPMA
  • Newsletter – Cycle Times – an electronic newsletter sent out on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month
  • Website –
  • Social Media –  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Video

The magazine has been recognized for excellence in magazine publishing with the following awards: Association TRENDS 2009, 2010; American Graphic Design Award 2010, 2014; MMPA Publishing Excellence Award 2014, 2015, 2016; and MSAE Award of Excellence 2008, 2010.

Career Pathways & Opportunities

This committee leads the MPMA's efforts to reach students, parents, educators and community leaders to bridge the skills gap with meaningful partnerships with educational organizations.

Workforce Training
(Incumbent Skills)

This committee works to establish MPMA as the one-stop shop to coordinate training resources for members, set up member training programs, and improve business for members through networking and collaboration with other manufacturing and local business groups.

Get the Precision Manufacturing Journal

For more than 60 years, Precision Manufacturing Journal has helped Minnesota manufacturers stay competitive with the latest industry news. This award-winning, bi-monthly magazine is one of our greatest membership benefits, and is available free of charge to any manufacturer in Minnesota.

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