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Frequently Asked Questions

About the MPMA

Is the MPMA a government organization?

No, the MPMA is not affiliated with any government organization - although we do advocate for manufacturers to local and national governments.

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Is the MPMA a for-profit organization?

No, the MPMA is a not-for-profit organization. The goal of the MPMA is to drive success in Minnesota precision manufacturing by strengthening the skilled workforce.

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Who runs the MPMA?

The MPMA team is a dedicated group of individuals devoted to the success of the organization and supporting our members.  This team is employed by an Association Management Company called Jaffe Management, though the MPMA team members are solely focused on MPMA and have many years’ experience working with MPMA.

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Becoming a Member

What are the benefits of joining the MPMA?

The MPMA offers our members benefits in 5 key areas: Workforce Development Support, Legislative Representation, Community Groups, Networking & Personal Development and Market Exposure. 

For a full breakdown of membership benefits, visit our Member Benefits page

How much does membership cost?

Quickly and efficiently build the materials you need to support your inbound marketing strategy. Drag and drop building blocks including testimonials, forms, calls-to-action, and more.

We have several different membership levels, designed for different types of organizations of varying sizes. All fees below are collected annually. 

Level Name

Organization Type



Precision Manufacturing Companies

$500 + $5 per employee (capped at 200 employees)


Provides Manufacturing Products to Manufacturing Companies

$500 + $5 per employee (capped at 200 employees)


Affiliate members are defined as any Minnesota business regularly engaged in providing supporting services or products to the manufacturing industry and other industries.

$775 + $10 per employee (capped at 200 employees)

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions and Trade Schools in the State of Minnesota

$325 (flat fee)

Greater Minnesota

Manufacturer and Associate Members located over 75 miles from our MPMA office (includes former Region 9 members). Note: Affiliate members are not eligible for the Greater Minnesota membership fee based upon their location in these areas.

$400 (flat fee)


Any individual, including those who were employed by a member company but have since retired, or made an unrelated career change, or other individuals meeting the criteria listed on our full Membership Page are eligible to be an “Individual Member.”

$50 (flat fee)


Learn more on our Membership Page

How do I become a member?

You can join the MPMA right on our website! Visit our Membership Page for more information.

Become a Member

Current Members

I can't get into my profile/how do I update my member profile?

Are you having trouble accessing or updating your online member profile?

  1. Click on the words  Ukkf3jF2-nC2ik3nOTSUJi0KTjUN5EecOsbfuuBRT6RK6reYOYnBjAS9aGgTgxAi9bErL5fgCtv7P9-LugpQDu2r46F7eUWoORBb2d0f604kjjy_Ri_nKImBSXCkS_aLSlhFhFMJmvff-ZFoeiF14- located on the right-hand side of the blue menu bar on the very top of every page on this website.

5rpimGzAxqVcfX85Jhl5EtFtOsjLRTIDN9WfD_7yyB7z_hM8UOQC_sYoVP31e_s6mpmOJBc_Xqiq6eaUWzvODv3HN0MMdb2LNA8hxojZ4Imb5UZsAD_S7xl6ffRhB_PfVEq4qXYZyhpTeCoWycmleIf you do not know if you have an account, or if you do not know your company’s user name or password, please call the MPMA office at 952-564-3041 or email

Please note: If you are the main contact for your company, you may have 2 accounts – a personal (your name) and a company (business name).

  • The company account will give you access to your Buyer’s Guide information and your membership renewal invoices.
  • The personal account will not give you access to your personal information and is used to register for programs and events.
  • The two accounts (personal and company) are not interchangeable.
  • Please be aware that internet browsers could impact the way the website's features are displayed.
  1. Once you have successfully signed into your online member profile, the "manage profile" page will appear. This is where you can manage your account. By clicking on any icon or text section on the "manage profile" page, you will be directed to that section of your profile.

My Member Profile

 This is the most important page, because the information you provide will::

  • Be visible to members to are searching the member database on
  • Appear in the Annual Buyer’s Guide in the January/February edition of Precision Manufacturing Journal, the magazine of the MPMA.
How do I advertise with MPMA in the Precision Manufacturing Journal?

For advertising options and costs, please visit our Advertising page.

I have an article, guide, or other resource I want to share with other members. How can I submit it?

If you are an existing member, please email with the subject line: “Member Resource Submission.” Include a description of what you’re submitting and link in the email or attach as a PDF or DOC.