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Becoming a member of MPMA is an investment in your company's future. There are different types of memberships to choose from. Since all memberships are corporate memberships, all employees can get involved in MPMA.

Membership Levels


$540 + $5 per employee (capped at 200 employees)

Precision Manufacturing Companies


$545 + $5 per employee (capped at 200 employees)

Provides Manufacturing Products and Services to Manufacturing Companies Only

Educational Institutions

$350 (flat fee)

Educational Institutions and Trade Schools in the State of Minnesota

Affiliates (approval required)

$850 + $10 per employee (capped at 200 employees)

The entire Affiliate category is currently full. Please email President/CEO Steve Kalina to discuss membership at

  • All Affiliate memberships must be approved by the MPMA.
  • Affiliate industry/markets include: Banking/Finance (at capacity), Accounting (at capacity), Legal, Staffing, Construction, Health Benefits, Insurance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Wealth Management, and other. Affiliate members are defined as any Minnesota business regularly engaged in providing supporting services or products to the manufacturing industry and other industries.

When the Affiliate category, or industry/market are at capacity there is an option to pay $1500 to join the wait list. The wait to join the MPMA varies by affiliate industry/markets listed above, so before filling out an application, contact President/CEO Steve Kalina at (The $1500 fee is non-refundable, but may be applied to either your membership dues once approved or on advertising opportunities while waiting for approval. Fee must be used 1 year from joining.)

Individuals (approval required)

$50 (flat fee)

Any individual, including those who were employed by a member company but have since retired, or made an unrelated career change, or other individuals meeting the criteria below are eligible to be an “Individual Member.” (this category was formerly known as "alumni.")

  • Individual members must have no vested interest in marketing any services they are now offering but would like to be involved in the Association.
  • All Individual memberships must be approved by the MPMA.
  • Those interested in Individual memberships should call the MPMA office, 952-564-3041, and contact President/CEO Steve Kalina.

New Manufacturers

$200 (flat fee)

For new businesses who have opened their doors in the last 3 years (no previous operations, or acquisition)

Greater Minnesota

$450 (flat fee)

Manufacturer and Associate Members located over 75 miles from our MPMA office (includes former Region 9 members).

Note: Affiliate members are not eligible for the Greater Minnesota membership fee based upon their location in these areas.

Join Now

Once a member type has been selected, please follow the prompts to begin the online membership registration process. When you have finished, you will be sent an email to validate your information from

After you have received that email (please check your junk folder too) and validated your information, you will be guided through the credit card payment process.

Send an email to or call 952-564-3041 for assistance.