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Advocacy is a central part of MPMA’s mission and goals. Our main advocacy priorities are strengthening Minnesota’s skilled workforce and strengthening Minnesota’s manufacturing economy. You can find more details about our advocacy efforts for both initiatives in the Advocacy Priorities section of this page.

The MPMA's Government Relations Committee is responsible for:

  • Monitoring legislative activities that impact members.
  • Notifying members through legislative updates in the e-newsletter and via email.
  • Advocating for Minnesota manufacturers on a local and national level.

Our President/CEO is also a part of the following organizations to provide MPMA’s voice -- and speak on behalf of our members -- in regard to workforce and education related to manufacturing:

  • Governor’s Workforce Development Board
  • MN State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence Advisory Board (MN State Colleges)
  • Mn State Engineering Center of Excellence Advisory Board
  • DEED’s Diversity in Manufacturing Initiative (DiMi)

Members of the MPMA Government Relations Committee are involved with the Manufacturing Coalition, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the National Tooling and Machining Association/Precision Metalforming Association (NTMA/PMA) “One Voice” initiative, and other grassroots lobbying opportunities.



Strengthen Minnesota's Skilled Workforce

  • Attracting and developing skilled talent are key strategies for growing manufacturing in Minnesota and are the top concerns of precision manufacturers.
  • The workforce shortage is limiting our capacity to keep up with production demand and impeding our ability to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Manufacturers want to partner and grow support for proven ways to strengthen Minnesota's skilled workforce and to develop and invest in new tools to help train the next generation of skilled manufacturing workers.

To that end, MPMA supports:

  • Increasing the career technical education levy.
  • Providing resources for manufacturers to launch new apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs.
  • Allowing high schools to have the flexibility to build manufacturing training programs.
  • Incenting teachers to earn technical education and work-based learning licenses.

Strengthen Minnesota's Manufacturing Economy

MPMA members also support policies that promote a healthy tax and regulatory climate for manufacturers.

  • Ensuring federal law will create greater opportunities for Minnesota manufacturers to invest in better equipment, allowing them to become more productive.
  • Ensure any new recreational drug laws provide sufficient protections for employers to ensure our production employees are operating safely on the job.

MPMA actively advocates in local and national spheres for these two priorities


In addition to supporting MPMA, members can get involved in advocacy by directly contacting their representatives. We provide information and talking points to our members and then assist them in engaging directly with their representatives. Contact us for specific recommendations.


Once you know your representative, you can:

  • Sign up for their email updates to stay in the loop
  • Offer to host one or more of your legislators on a tour of your shop
  • Attend your next upcoming town hall meeting
  • Reach out directly via phone or email to your representatives
We are happy to help you shape your ideas into concrete talking points, or advocate on your behalf.

Below you’ll find two sample scripts for calling.
Sample Script:
Manufacturing & Education
Hello, my name is [Insert Name], and I am [Position] at [Company Name], based in [City]. I am calling [Name of Representative] today to discuss legislative support for manufacturing careers and education. In order to continue playing our part, Minnesota manufacturers need a skilled workforce now and into the future. Minnesota’s education and workforce policies & investments should ensure students across the state have opportunities to learn about and train for rewarding careers in manufacturing. I would like to work with you on ways to do this. Please contact me at [Phone/Email]. Thank you for your time.
Sample Script:
Response to Specific Legislations

Hello, my name is [Insert Name], and I am [Position] at [Company Name], based in [City]. I am calling to share my [support/concern] with [Name of Representative] regarding [House/Senate Bill Number]. As a Minnesota manufacturer, I am [in support of/opposed to] [House/Senate Bill Number] because [Insert Reason]. Please [support/oppose] [House/Senate Bill Number] when it comes up for vote this legislative season. Thank you for your time.

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