AdvancedTek Open house economic benefits of 3dp 5.16.24

Stop by AdvancedTek's St. Paul 3D Printing TekCenter for an exploration of the vast economic benefits made possible by the integration of 3D printing technology.

You will hear from three esteemed experts from Stratasys who will examine the contrasts between traditional manufacturing expenses and the game-changing potential of 3D printing across different phases, from initial design to final production. Discover the impressive cost savings and ROI provided by FDM, SAF, P3, and SLA additive technologies, and gain valuable insights from real-world customer success stories.

Following the presentations, participants will have the unique opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art 2,700-square-foot 3D Printing TekCenter. During the tour, you can explore a range of industrial 3D printers and post-processing solutions.

This event is free to attend, but seating is limited for the two presentation times. Reserve your spot now by registering here.  Lunch will be provided!