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Concept Machine Tool evolves capabilities, leadership, and name to become Concept — bringing unmatched knowledge and comprehensive offerings to the precision manufacturing industry.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – February 2023

Concept Machine Tool, a company that has spent the past 45 years providing quality machine tools and metrology solutions, has evolved its capabilities, leadership, and name to become Concept.

Taking the company’s core strengths and assets to the next level with a new leadership team and strategic plan, Concept has established itself as the Midwest’s top source for advanced manufacturing solutions — leading the industry toward a future that’s increasingly automated. Concept CEO Andrew Hecker explained the path forward: “In addition to providing machines from the world’s leading manufacturers, we are now offering our customers innovative, expert solutions and services – from process improvements or inspection services to determining how to be more efficient in the future. With locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri and Illinois, we offer proximity and expertise to our customers.”

He continued, “We’ve stepped up our game and are changing our name to reflect all that we now offer. With a seasoned professional leadership team and clear vision for the future, we are prepared to lead this organization to its next level of growth.”

As part of its evolution, the company recently added B.C. MacDonald & Co. to its family of companies. “Acquiring B.C. MacDonald demonstrates how Concept is investing for growth,” said Hecker. “With B.C. MacDonald in our portfolio we’ve added increased capabilities and expanded our geographic footprint to nine states. Concept is an even stronger partner for our customers and suppliers.”

About Concept
Concept, based in Minneapolis, MN, and with offices in Wisconsin, Missouri and Illinois, is the Midwest’s top source for advanced manufacturing solutions. For more than 45 years, Concept has been recognized for its industry-leading sales and service programs. Today, Concept is leading precision manufacturing toward a future that’s increasingly automated by providing high-end solutions to keep customers ahead of the competition, along with the support they need to handle the toughest manufacturing challenges.

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February 21, 2023

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