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Precision Coatings, Inc. adds Dicronite® low friction solid lubricant coating service.

St. Paul, MN. We are pleased to announce that as of December 30, 2022 Precision Coatings, Inc. purchased the assets of Dicronite® of Minnesota, Inc. and began providing the Dicronite® services on January 3, 2023. We are excited to add the Dicronite® product to our portfolio of coating services that improve product performance and extend product life.

Dicronite ® is a tungsten disulfide (WS2),solid lubricant coating. This extremely thin film coating reduces friction and sliding wear. It improves component performance in various applications including: Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Pumps/Valves, Semiconductor and many other industrial sectors. Some of the more exciting applications Dicronite
® has been used on include: the Mars Rover, high-performance Porsche Engines, surgical instruments, and military helicopters.

You can view more information here.

Precision Coatings, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and has been in business since 1988. We serve many industries by providing primarily wear and corrosion resistant coatings to enhance part performance. Our core business is applying thermal sprayed coatings of pure metals, metal alloys, and ceramics to critical surfaces such as bearing and seal surfaces. We also add textured coatings for better traction and grip as well ceramic coatings for electrical insulation. In addition, we offer machining and grinding services, complete component supply, Teflon®/PTFE coatings, DURA-SLIDETM coatings, and now Dicronite®. More information can be viewed at

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January 11, 2023

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